CRM For Small Business

Starting up a small business comes with a lot of problems and issues to face. One of these is that small businesses have to deal with competitors trying to steal away their customers (when you only have a few customers it's really important to keep them). Thus small businesses need to come up with new tactics and personalized strategies to have a competitive advantage over their competitors. One way to gain more customers is to give the best customer management possible.

Increasing the sales volume of the company is key to making it grow and expand. The best way to increase sales volume is to constantly follow up and maintain good relationships with existing customers and potential leads who will become loyal customers of the company later on. Some companies even decide to have their own CRM (customer relationship management) tool to aid in delivering services to their customers.

However, small businesses are faced with problem of having limited funds. This makes it hard to justify purchasing expensive CRM software. It also makes it hard to hire the right people who will offer the best customer management. Some companies have their employees performing several tasks in an attempt to boost the company's sales; this isn't effective in the long run because doing this may sacrifice the quality of giving the best services to your customers.


An ideal option for small businesses is to have web-based CRM software that will manage the company's customer support and services as well as keep track of their existing and prospective clients. This will help the company to manage their contacts, record their transactions and sales history, and follow up later with their customers. All of these can be done quickly and easily through online based CRM software that is also cost effective and quite affordable for small businesses. This type of centralized CRM solution will help the sales team of the company to handle their customers effectively and eventually increase the profitability level of the business.

Although small businesses have limited funds and manpower, this doesn't mean that they don't need to be able to handle their customers effectively. There are a lot of web-based CRM solutions that are quite affordable for the business and some of them are even open-source making it more realistic for the companies to have their own CRM tool that will cater to the needs of the company in dealing and managing their customers.

James thinks that too many business owners are overconfident in their ability to manage customer relations. He believes that CRM for small business would help these arrogant owners. If you think that you might need help with managing customer relations then you will want to start by looking to CRM solutions companies for help. These companies can help you get on the right track.

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Design iteratively
No matter what you design, you almost never achieve a flawless product right out of the gate. Rigorous testing, evaluation and refinement are the best means to assess what works and what doesn’t. Rapid prototyping with 3D printing provides the flexibility required to make this crucial trial and error process possible for physical products.

Reduce scrap and rework
In general, the later a problem is discovered, the more costly it will be to correct. Finding and fixing problems early in the design cycle is essential to preventing scrap, rework and retooling. Rapid prototyping with 3D printing allows industrial designers and engineers more revisions in less time, so they can test thoroughly while still reducing time to market.


Communicate ideas
Physical models convey ideas to collaborators, clients and marketers in ways computer models can’t. Rapid prototyping facilitates the clear, detailed feedback essential to product success, and lets designers quickly respond to input.

Test in the real world
Know exactly how your products will look and perform before investing in tooling. A wide range of 3D printing materials can produce tough functional prototypes for highly accurate performance testing, or realistic models that look and feel like your finished products. Photopolymers, thermoplastics, metals and composite materials provide a full spectrum of material properties, many of which withstand secondary processes like sealing, polishing, painting, metallization or electroplating.
Plus, if your final production process will require molds, patterns or layups, you can 3D print short-run tooling to prove out your products and manufacturing processes before making big investments.

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PCB Assembly

We also have ability for PCB layout ,PCBA  and Circuit assembly, specializes in producing the various electronic products based on your customized designs and do pcba,pcb assembly for all kinds of small ,medium Volume electronic products.
Enabling you to focus on product development and sales, we can solve your production technology issues and take care of product quality.


The operation we can handle for you is from the Bare pc board fabrication, full component procurement, SMT/BGA/DIP assembly, mechanical/case assembly, rubber molding, functional testing, repair, inspection of finished goods to shipment arrangement.


    SMD package, Chip-on-board and Flip Chip assembly technique
    0201 chip, Micro BGA, u-BGA, QFN and LGA assembly
    AI and Thru-hole assembly
    RoHS, REACH compliance and Lead-Free solder technology
    Chip Programming
    Conformal Coating
    ICT test and AOI inspection
    ESD Protection Control Procedure
    IPC-A-610E Class II and Class III Workmanship Standard


    Cloud Platforms Vs Cloud Infrastructure

    Clearly, enterprise it's become terribly "cloudy." The term cloud computing has adult from a little-known buzz-word into one in every of the most well liked topics in IT these days. This surge in interest has crystal rectifier to an excellent deal of discussion on what cloud computing is and the way to use it to the enterprise. However, within the course of those conversations, one critically vital issue looks to be nonchalantly unnoticed and underappreciated the distinction between cloud infrastructures and cloud platforms, and also the advantages of every to the enterprise.


    Infrastructure-Oriented Clouds

    Infrastructure-oriented approaches to cloud, together with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings, obtain merely to produce access to virtualized computing resources in AN on-demand manner. Typical of this approach is Amazon's EC2, through that any user will request UNIX or Windows virtual machine instances that area unit created on the fly and beaked supported actual usage. The user of cloud infrastructure invariably is aware of what number virtual machines they need and what their individual informatics addresses area unit and, within the case of Amazon's EC2, the "sizes" of every instance. However, purchasers do not know wherever the machines area unit geographically or what quite hardware is getting used. this is often what makes the service cloud-like. Of crucial importance is that the incontrovertible fact that the management of the individual instances is handled at the software level and on a machine-by-machine basis. whereas this might increase end-user management it conjointly dramatically will increase operational complexness.

    Platform-Oriented Clouds

    Platform-oriented approaches to cloud area unit distinguished by the upper level of abstraction they supply similarly because the supporting services they create obtainable to the applications that run on them. Google's AppEngine may be a exemplar of the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) approach and also the distinction between infrastructure-and platform-oriented cloud varieties. The platform user is entirely involved regarding the applications they're running within the cloud. To migrate AN application to the cloud they merely package it and so deploy it to the cloud. The preparation happens in an exceedingly single step and also the end-user does not essentially even recognize whether or not the appliance is being run on one virtual machine or ten at any given purpose in time. additionally, the appliance will benefit of special services provided by the platform, like authentication or knowledge access.

    The Business Case for Cloud Platforms

    There is very little doubt that varied styles of cloud computing can play AN more and more vital role for organizations seeking a competitive advantage. Enterprises that use cloud platforms "in either public or personal cloud environment" can have the benefit of the accumulated measurability, security, and movability of their cloud-based applications, similarly because the ability to manage third party applications. Cloud platforms also will facilitate them to considerably scale back time-to-market, notice substantial cost-savings and react a lot of quickly to dynamical market conditions. attributable to these clear advantages to that departments ANd to an organization's business goals, cloud computing is here to remain and cloud platforms can facilitate unlock the facility of cloud computing for the enterprise.

    What is Metal Injection Molding

    Metal Injection Molding (MIM), sometimes referred to as Powder Injection Molding, combines the technical aspects and competitive advantages of plastic injection molding with powdered metallurgy.

    Metal Injection Molding combines the strength and durability of metal with the flexibility inherent in the injection molding process. Metal Injection Molding is a highly cost effective method for producing a wide variety of components and is an excellent alternative to other forms of metal working such as die-casting, investment casting and many forms of machining. Typically, ideal parts for MIM are small in size and range in weight from .1 grams to 450 grams. Complex geometries, tight tolerances, high density and exceptional repeatability are some of the characteristics that make Metal Injection Molding the go-to process for metal parts production in a variety of industries.


    Compounding is the process of mixing metal powder and binders. Advanced Forming Technology has the capability of creating our MIM feedstocks in house, which allows us to produce high quality materials quickly and in a controlled environment. Our expertise in compounding materials for Metal Injection Molding allows us to maintain absolute consistency to eliminate defects in the molding process. We are able to create custom blends for specific applications. Metals commonly used for MIM parts include:

    Low alloy steels
    Stainless steels
    High-speed steels
    Cobalt alloys
    Copper alloys
    Nickel alloys
    Tungsten alloys
    Titanium alloys

    The injection molding aspect of MIM takes place at relatively low temperatures and pressures in conventional injection-molding machines. AFT has a wide variety of molding machines including electric, hydraulic and hybrid machines that range from 17 – 106 tons of clamping force and produce injection capacities up to 185 g PS.

    Debinding is the process of removing the binding additives from the molded parts prior to sintering. Advanced Forming Technology has installed the largest and most technically advanced automated debinding facility in the world. Our debinding process is continually monitored and precisely controlled.
    Sintering is the final phase in Metal Injection Molding. During sintering the remaining binder is removed. Advanced Forming Technology has invested in two of the world’s largest Metal Injection Molding sintering furnaces. Our state of the art sintering capacity is unsurpassed in the industry.

    Leverage Public or Private Clouds Securely. Don’t Lose Control.

    Enforce Regulatory Compliance and Data Governance. Do Not Give Up Control.
    Protect Your Data During Processing, Not Only At Rest.

    Protect public or private cloud workloads by running them encrypted and not giving up the keys. This eliminates the significant risk, shift in control and liability associated with standard clouds exposing your sensitive data and computation.


    Your data in a standard public or private cloud is out of your control, fully exposed. Encryption at-rest and in-transit, or cloud-controlled HSMs cannot protect it during processing. Only At-Runtime Security™ guarantees data and computation are encrypted even during processing while encryption keys never leave your premises. You remain in full control, and unauthorized parties or the cloud itself cannot access computation and data or leak it to third parties, even when compelled.