Additive Manufacturing (3D-printing) of Spare Parts for Industrial Gas Turbines

With the additive manufacturing (AM) technology of selective laser melting (SLM), Siemens can repair parts for your industrial gas turbines up to ten times faster and with full freedom of design possibilities. Within the last years, additive manufacturing has emerged and is revolutionizing the manufacturing of components. This technology allows design improvement and rapid manufacturing of components, thus enabling quick upgrading of existing assets to the latest part design.

This is how additive manufacturing works
Advantages of Additive Manufacturing for Servicing Gas Turbines

  • 90% lead time reduction
  • Up to 60% fuel (natural gas) reduction possible by our advanced nozzle designs in case of H2 utilization
  • Up to 50% emissions reductions achievable
  • Require up to 65% less electrical power, compared to conventional manufacturing
  • Increasing performance by upgrading spares to the newest design
  • Increased efficiency through unlimited options for internal and external cooling duct design:
  • Better heat transfer and lattice structures
  • No restrictions of geometry in design
  • Increased coating adhesion
  • Improved lifetime of components by using new powder alloys

Areas of application
AM is a revolutionary technology enabling both components performance enhancement and delivery time reduction simultaneously.
At Siemens we are using AM (SLM) technology for three main applications:

  1. rapid prototyping
  2. rapid repair and
  3. rapid manufacturing.

Rapid prototyping
Prototypes are increasingly being used during product development to test certain properties before series production begins.

In the past, due to long delivery of new components manufactured by conventional methods (e.g. casting), component validation testing was done almost at the end of the development process.
With AM as an integral part of the development process, components design and manufacturing are realized and tested during the development achieving fast development cycles.

For example, utilization of AM technology for Compressor Turbine blade design enables the evaluation a few blade cooling concepts and their tests in a real engine environment in a few months instead of a few years.
Additive manufacturing enables both components delivery time reduction as well as performance enhancement.
With selected laser melting, complex multi-elements components can be produced as just one integral part achieving high precision in production and, in most cases, an increased performance.

Rapid Repair
The repair procedures for SGT-700 and SGT -800 burners tips using SLM technology is 10 times quicker than previously used ‘conventional’ repair procedures. This procedure consists of:

Replacement of conventional repair processes with selective laser melting (SLM) provided not only a significant reduction in repair time, but also an opportunity to modify repaired components to the latest burner design.

Rapid Manufacturing
AM technology industrialization is also enabling new opportunities for spare part and supply chain enhancement such as the manufacturing of spare parts on demand and even on site, regionalization of rapid repair and manufacturing of GT components.
Currently, Siemens uses SLM for rapid repair and manufacturing of Siemens Gas turbine components.

Cloud Security Technology and Cloud Security Companies

Cloud Security is Not a Game.
Are you gambling with your business data in the cloud? All cloud providers aren’t created equal when it comes to security. How do you know which to choose? Watch this video and learn how to get:
Reduced risk and a unified security framework for all your business applications in the cloud
Extremely reliable security monitoring with dedicated security experts
A secure modern cloud with the latest security technology with an isolated secure database for your most important data

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Cloud Computing Deployments Should Begin with Service Definition
Infrastructure and operations leaders often struggle to understand the role of cloud computing and to develop strategies that exploit its potential. I&O leaders should complete the prerequisites before making the technology decisions required for successful, service-centered cloud computing strategies.

Read the Gartner report to learn more about key recommendations:
Identify the cloud-computing-related IT services you will offer or procure.
Document the internal processes that will be affected by the identified cloud services.
Map applications and workloads to the associated cloud services.

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Amazon Web Services Cloud

What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of compute power, database storage, applications, and other IT resources through a cloud services platform via the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.
Cloud Computing Basics
Whether you are running applications that share photos to millions of mobile users or you’re supporting the critical operations of your business, a cloud services platform provides rapid access to flexible and low cost IT resources. With cloud computing, you don’t need to make large upfront investments in hardware and spend a lot of time on the heavy lifting of managing that hardware. Instead, you can provision exactly the right type and size of computing resources you need to power your newest bright idea or operate your IT department. You can access as many resources as you need, almost instantly, and only pay for what you use.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?
Cloud computing provides a simple way to access servers, storage, databases and a broad set of application services over the Internet. A Cloud services platform such as Amazon Web Services owns and maintains the network-connected hardware required for these application services, while you provision and use what you need via a web application.
Learn more about AWS Cloud Solutions at
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Cloud Backup Services and What You Should Know

Using off-site storage for disaster recovery is nothing new. However, it's changing into additional and additional outstanding to utilize these services not only for disaster recovery however conjointly to avoid wasting data in storage. Cloud backup services are getting additional commonplace, however not many folks perceive precisely what it's these corporations do.

What square measure Cloud Backup Services?

The "cloud" because it has become celebrated is one among the foremost misunderstood elements. basically, you store files on a distinct location than what's native. the knowledge resides on a server, pretty much like what your business might already house. However, this location might not be within the same state or perhaps country within which you presently live. exploitation the net, you'll be able to access your files instantly and transfer them to your system at any time.

The overall price and total quantity of space for storing can vary from seller to seller.

What square measure advantages of Cloud Backup Services?

There square measure many advantages to employing a third-party supplier to store your data. For starters, there's the data that ought to your system crash; all of your vital information is safe. If you're a business, all of your essential documents that square measure vital to the running of your company are going to be safe from a ruinous event. Personal users don't need to worry regarding losing precious images or alternative vital documents.

In addition to saving vital documents, business customers may have the off-site storage so as to satisfy their disaster recovery needs. Most corporations need that a replica of all data be hold on in several location. whereas some stay in compliance by exploitation removable media like fixed disk and flash drives, employing a third party supplier also will satisfy these wants.

There is conjointly a price profit for companies. as a result of you are doing not need to obtain the additional servers or maintain them, your price for storage is lower. It conjointly frees up your IT department to try to to alternative tasks instead of run updates on servers and maintain a bank of hold on information. The monthly or yearly price of employing a third-party supplier could be a fraction of the value to get and maintain onsite storage.

What square measure Some Disadvantages?

There is invariably the difficulty of security once it involves exploitation cloud backup services. most of the people have detected of the United States intelligence agency scandal and also the leaked data from Edward Snowden. Yes, there's a minimal  likelihood that the supplier might access your data. Your likelihood is higher that a hacker or business executive can take data from your native drive, as these suppliers have an interest to keep your data safe and keeping you cheerful.

Almost all storage corporations have in depth security measures in situ to stay not solely hackers out however their own personnel additionally. the utilization of AES protocols and secret writing guarantees that solely you'll be able to get to the knowledge housed among. Before doing business with any supplier you wish to grasp what their security measures square measure.

The other leading concern is time period. All servers eventually want maintenance. off-site storage utilizes a similar servers most corporations use. there'll be the occasional time period for maintenance. However, these corporations usually keep the hold on data in additional than one location. this manner you'll be able to still access your files although one server is down for maintenance.

3D Printing Manufacturing Revolution

As the 3D space becomes more advanced, industrial applications will become more prevalent, thus revolutionizing the way business operate the connections between 3D printing and fields including robotics, IOT, and cloud computing will become much closer, allowing further reduction of cost as well as acceleration of time-to-market and supply chain management. Design complex, light-weight geometries. Build customized, low-volume products.

With the help of Stratasys Fortus 3D printing system, Lamborghini took only 20 days to design, build and assemble a 1/ 6 scale prototype for their flagship Aventador, which includes the body. The entire production cost around US$3000, saved up to 92% of the expenses compared to traditional manufacturing methods.

Before adidas used the unique, multi-material 3D printing technology, all adidas prototypes were hand-made by 12 technicians using special tools to model every single joint and crease according to 3D specifications. Since the introduction of the Stratasys Objet Connex, a maximum of two people are required to produce the 3D models that accurately simulate the real outer soles of its running shoes.

By 3D printing the injection molds with Stratasys Digital ABS material, Unilever is able to achieve the high quality associated with traditional manufactured prototypes, while ensuring that the high temperatures and pressures of the injection molding process can be sustained.

Web Hosting with Free Domain Name

Here there are interesting info for those of you who are in need of web hosting services. See more deals at

And here's a glimpse of an excerpt from the official website:


There are three basic types of hosting

Web hosting (Shared)
Think of this as an apartment complex. It’s one big building (a server) where hundreds of residents (websites) live. You have all the resources you need, but you pay less since you’re sharing them with multiple residents.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)
If shared web hosting is like an apartment complex, VPS is more like a townhome. You’ll enjoy upgraded resources AND you’ll be sharing them with much fewer people. This gives you more power, flexibility and control, but it also costs a little more.

Dedicated Server
This is exactly what it sounds like – a server that’s dedicated to you and you alone – which makes it the ultra-modern single family home in our analogy. It’s the most costly option, but only high-traffic, resource-intensive websites really need it.

    Most popular web hosting solutions

    Web hosting
    Perfect for those who want an affordable solution that’s also fast, secure and reliable. Backed by expert 24/7 support.

    Managed WordPress
    Built and optimized for WordPress, this is perfect for those who want technical tasks like setup, updates and more handled for them.

    Meant for popular, resource-intensive websites that need advanced power, flexibility and control on a budget.

    Advanced Hosting
    Looking for something more powerful? We’ve got you covered. Our advanced hosting
    solutions rival the best providers on the web in both price and performance.

    Dedicated Servers
    When you need complete control and absolute ownership of your resources, we can spin up your server in hours, not days.

    Cloud Servers
    Develop your apps in a blistering-fast environment where you only pay for the resources you use.

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    Turn-Key PCB Assembly Services

    Bittele Electronics was founded in 2003 and has since established itself as a reliable full turn-key Prototype and small run electronic contract manufacturer (ECM) and one stop PCB manufacturing and assembly provider. Our firm provides expert consulting in Design for Manufacturing (DFM). Our headquarters is based in Toronto, Canada, and our sales office is located in San Jose California.


    We run production plants in Shenzhen, China. This allows Bittele to provide low cost PCB manufacture, components procurement and electronic pcb assembly using local supply chains, while still staying in close contact with its customers primarily located in Canada and United States.

      Our circuits assembly services make use of our own PCB manufacturing facility, electronic components procurement team and PCB assembly house in Shenzhen, China. 320 employees are engaged in PCB fabrication and 110 employees perform circuit board assembly. As an IPC member, Bittele Electronics has certified all of its facilities to ISO9001, and they also are in compliance with IPC-A-600; IPC-A-610.

      Design iteratively
      No matter what you design, you almost never achieve a flawless product right out of the gate. Rigorous testing, evaluation and refinement are the best means to assess what works and what doesn’t. Rapid prototyping with 3D printing provides the flexibility required to make this crucial trial and error process possible for physical products.

      Reduce scrap and rework
      In general, the later a problem is discovered, the more costly it will be to correct. Finding and fixing problems early in the design cycle is essential to preventing scrap, rework and retooling. Rapid prototyping with 3D printing allows industrial designers and engineers more revisions in less time, so they can test thoroughly while still reducing time to market.

      Communicate ideas
      Physical models convey ideas to collaborators, clients and marketers in ways computer models can’t. Rapid prototyping facilitates the clear, detailed feedback essential to product success, and lets designers quickly respond to input.

      Test in the real world
      Know exactly how your products will look and perform before investing in tooling. A wide range of 3D printing materials can produce tough functional prototypes for highly accurate performance testing, or realistic models that look and feel like your finished products. Photopolymers, thermoplastics, metals and composite materials provide a full spectrum of material properties, many of which withstand secondary processes like sealing, polishing, painting, metallization or electroplating.

      Plus, if your final production process will require molds, patterns or layups, you can 3D print short-run tooling to prove out your products and manufacturing processes before making big investments.

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